The Experience Room
Info & FAQs

This document is to be a source of information on what the experience room is, how it operates, & what to do with issues that might arise. 

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What is the Experience Room?

The Experience Room is a way to introduce customers to the brand of avocado through an immersive 4d experience.

Created by Alex M. Calle, of hiddenlemons, this art installation envelopes guests in the look, feel, and world of Avocado through the choreography of five main effects.  

Effects that are used in the experience are:

 - Lighting

 - Projection

 - Scent (hypoallergenic and oil free)

 - Sound

 - Movement (through the bed)


Creative Direction: Alex M. Calle

Art Direction: Francesca Nicolas

Sound Design / Show Control Design: Fernando Vasquez

Lighting Design: Martha Carter

Projection Content Design: Yee Eun Nam

Projection System Design: John Costa 

Project Management: Ellen Boener

How was the Experience Room created?

A note from the creator,


This was the poem I wrote to start the process of creating the main experience for Avocado; it became the bible on which we created the show.

Hope you enjoy. 

Learning to dip into the pool

Calm, Tranquil, Still

House 1/2, we serenely dive into the abyss


Into the Void; we breath; our lights dim

Fading, breathing, pace

Our pace establishes 


Shadow plays in our head

Zooming to welcome a frosted depth 

Safe, complex, but safe 


We are blown out marching our breathing 

An ebb and flow of sorts

As plants grow within, dance to a tango 

Themselves at first, they are joined by rain


Leafy, lush, ivy flows 

The rains, light pitter patter, expands

Growing in depth and breath

A heavy portion takes hold


Falling all around and in, formed pools leave their mark 

Reflections abound and around 

A cooling, refreshing breath seeps in 


Wipe to White 


A rest 


A bath


Into our heart, thunderous applause 

Rolling, moving, forward pushing

Transforming the heart, beating receding into the fog


The eco ecco rolling straight, progressing

Permanently regal and royal 

Flying over; pattern making

As it bleeds into a spiral pass, rotating on center


Wipe to Black  


A reset 


Finding that center


Shepherding the way primal farming 

Old world connection 

Passive, Land, Pastoral


Wipe to White again






Processing, processing, processing 

Fibers, Rich, Soft, Light



Threading with a play of line 


Wipe to White




Now to enliven


Processed now 

Wipes, sweeps, falling into 

Pillowed Fluffy Clouds


We arrive back to one 

Clouds behind a frosted panel 

A dance of color and shape, eye perception takes hold

Waking, vibrant

We are welcomed back 



1. The IPad controller is off

 - First check to see if it's still plugged in. 

 - Try to hard reset (hold the power and volume buttons for 5 seconds)

2. Video no longer responds

Check that the system rack has power. Check that the computer labeled “MAC-01” or “MAC-02”  is powered on, if not press the power button on it. Otherwise please contact hiddenlemons for additional support